Why Home Security Cameras Are Not Enough To Deter Criminals

Over the past few years, security cameras have become increasingly popular with residential consumers.

This is mainly due to more affordable pricing along with several beneficial security features that have been developed in recent years.

As with PCs (personal computers), video surveillance equipment has experienced significant technological advancements over the past ten years, while prices have continuously dropped.

Security cameras are being sold today at much lower prices, and due to better technology, the quality of the images that are captured by these cameras has improved significantly.

Without The Prior Implementation Of Physical & Electronic Security Measures, Many Homes Will Receive A False Sense Of Security With Just A Video Surveillance System Installed!

It is extremely important that other security measures are implemented before a video surveillance system is even considered.

Unfortunately, many people do not realize what security measures they need to implement in order to provide their home & family with the best security protection possible.

To make a home as secure as reasonably possible, it is important to understand the different levels of protection that different security measures provide.

Home Security Cameras

Why Are Security Cameras Not Enough?

It is regrettable that so many families do not fully realize this & have implemented certain security measures while ignoring some less costly but highly effective measures of protection.

It is extremely important to implement the physical security measures needed to improve the security of all entry points into your home.

Other physical security measures include ensuring the home has adequate & effective:

Outdoor Security Lighting Trimming Back Trees, Bushes & Shrubbery

Without taking these two basic steps, you could be helping to hide an intruders presence.

These physical security measures make up your first line of defense & they really should be implemented before your second line of defense (Home Alarm System) is even considered.

It is unfortunate the vast number of homeowners that invest a large sum of money in a home alarm system & totally ignore the most basic physical security measures.

While most of these homeowners are likely receiving a better feeling of security with an alarm system installed in their homes, without the implementation of the most basic physical security measures, they are experiencing a false sense of security.

History seems to be repeating itself with video surveillance systems becoming much more affordably priced. A homes occupants would certainly receive a false sense of security without the prior implementation of physical & electronic security measures.

video surveillance systems

When it comes to protecting our homes against burglary & the violent criminals that carry out home invasions, we need to implement the security measures that offer the most effective level of protection possible.

In these hard economic times, many people only have a limited amount of funds that they can use to increase the safety & security of their home & family. With only a limited amount of security dollars available, they really need to understand what security measures will provide them & their families with the highest level of protection.

Increasing the security of your home’s perimeter (all windows & exterior doors) in most cases will be one of the lowest costing security measures you can take. It is also the first security measure that any home should implement as it will provide you &your family with your strongest level of protection.

It is unfortunate that many people do not realize how important physical security measures are to the overall protection of their home. One of the main reasons for this misunderstanding is because it is not in the best interest of those who have been providing consumers with advice on home security for years to discuss the importance of physical security measures.

Consumers have been provided with advice on the best way to make their homes more secure by home security system retailers & alarm monitoring companies for many years.

Unfortunately, it is not in their best interest to inform consumers how important it is for them to first look at all physical security measures. If home security system retailers & alarm monitoring provided this education, they run the chance of losing out on some of those security dollars that they earn from the sales of their products & services.

Now that video surveillance systems have become increasingly popular with residential consumers, people can expect even more limited advice from video surveillance retailers.

It is not in their best interest to inform consumers how important it is for them to look after physical & electronic security measures prior to having a video surveillance system installed in their home.

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