7 Top Home Improvement Trends

New homes are the top tier when it comes to home buying because they afford you the option to customize your home to your liking with upgrades and you get to be the first owner of the home. As the real estate market continues on its path to recovery there are many home builders who are now reconsidering what to include in a new home’s standard features list.

Many of these newly included standard features previously served as pricey options so new home buyers today are getting the latest in creature comforts without the heavy price tag. Check out seven of the latest new home trends and keep this list handy as you browse new homes to see what’s included in the builder’s standard features list.

1. Granite Countertops and Undermount Sinks in Kitchen and Baths

This premier touch surface of high-end homes can be seen on the standard features list of townhouses and other moderately priced properties nowadays. A secondary benefit to granite countertop surfaces is the under mount sink which means you won’t have any sink edges rising up past the countertop creating a very clean, modern look.

Granite Countertops and Undermount Sinks in Kitchen and Baths

2. Living Room Evolution

Living rooms used to serve as the crucial gathering room but today’s homeowners tend to gather in the kitchen instead. If builders are using a floorplan that includes a living room you can expect it to offer features unseen in living rooms of the past like ethernet wall ports and home theater system niches to hide home theater hardware.

3. Solid Wood Front Doors

The cold steel front door is more frequently being swapped out with the vastly more attractive solid wood door. Solid wood doors come in many styles ranging from intricate glass detailed doors to solid wood doors reminiscent of those seen in craftsman home design.

4. Hardwood Floors

During the middle and late 20th century it was all the rage to have to carpet throughout your home because it was a softer walking surface and kept the floors warmer than hardwood and tile during the winter. Now that radiant floor heating and the demand for low maintenance flooring have become more common it’s expected that hardwood floors will replace carpeting in high traffic areas like foyers, hallways and family rooms.

Hardwood Floors

5. Stone Exteriors and Accents

Vinyl siding is very low maintenance and styling options have grown in recent years. Even so, full stone exteriors or stone accented exteriors are hot because they give a more substantial curb appeal to a home and help break up the monotony of some home designs.

6. Solid Interior Doors

An increasingly popular trend in new home design is solid interior doors. Solid interior doors are different because they create a stronger sound barrier between rooms and are more durable.

7. Nine to Ten Foot First Floor Ceilings

Feeling cramped inside a home is the number one reason homeowners opt to move up into a larger home. One way builders are countering this concern is to raise ceiling height by one to two feet bringing the total floor to ceiling distance to nine or ten feet. This creates a vastly more open space and the cost to builders is minimal.

Utilizing this list of the seven latest new home trends, many of which can now be found standard in new homes, you will have the distinct advantage of buying the most house for the money and owning a home that will require few, if any, updates should you decide to sell in the future.

Two Steps To Choosing A Home Security System

You may not have to fret about the costs of installing a home security system. Many companies are offering affordable monitored and wireless security system installation, and on top this there are many discounts that homeowners can receive after installing a security system.Finding it hard to choose the right home security system for your home? Learn how to find the right alarm system for your home with this guide. Your family’s safety depends on it.

Not all homes are secure. Family members need to make it safe from intruders and calamities such as fire. People try to make homes safe by keeping doors locked, lights on, and valuables hidden in clever places. But burglars are a clever breed who try to devise ways to break into the safest of homes. One of the best ways to keep them out is to use a quality electronic security system.

A security system is a comprehensive arrangement of control panels, touch pads, sirens and smoke and motion sensors. There are several kinds of security systems available at many prices. The choice depends on the size of the house, features, number of products used, and advancement of systems. A suitable combination can be worked out according to specific budgets. Many professional companies help decide on what is suitable and available for a given home.

Not so long ago, a home security system was deemed an expensive, luxury commodity and only the rich could afford to have them. These days, home alarm systems are so reasonably affordable that anyone can buy one. They are also far more sophisticated and reliable than earlier systems. So what about the installation? It doesn’t have to cost anything to install a home security system. Read on to find out why.

If you’ve decided to rig up a full-fledged home security camera system as part of your DIY effort, you could arrange your contacts in such a way that they’ll activate your security cameras. And Infrared security cameras will eliminate the need for lighting.We really have to invest the safety of things or person we love the most. Who would ever want to have no peace in mind as you leave your home for work? Much more when you get to sleep?

Computers crimes are everywhere these days, there are entire divisions of law enforcement teams devoted to working on crimes that, in one way or another are linked to the use of a computer. The root of many of the crimes perpetrated through the use of a computer stem from the fact that the highly sensitive information present on many personal and business computers isn’t disposed of properly.

You may not realize it, because it may not really seem like a big deal at the time, but you have tons of highly sensitive information stored on your personal…It is a known fact that single-family homes are often targets for home burglaries. A home security system is an effective way to reduce your risk of home intrusion and theft while ensuring the safety of your possessions and family.

Home security systems are often thought of just in terms of deterring burglars, but many security system companies, as well as homeowners themselves, have come to understand that home security systems can offer many more benefits as well. In the last few years, one of the innovations in the industry is to offer fire monitoring in addition to security monitoring. Something that has just recently been introduced is the ability to protect pets at home alone in the event of a fire due to fire monitoring through a home security system. Did you know that a home security system is the best burglar deterrent you can have? Many people don’t think about security at home until it is too late and they have become victims.

Choosing A Home Security System

Recent findings show that there are two main crime deterrents against home burglaries or theft. These include two simple things that everyone can do to help keep their home safe. Neighborhood watch programs help to deter crime in local areas. Home Security Systems should qualify as a top-level priority for anyone seriously concerned about their own well-being, that of their family and that of their personal possessions.

These days, installing a home security cameras and systems is far from being the colossal hassle it was in the past when the technology was developing and adequate knowledge was limited to those with an understanding of sophisticated electronics and complicated, arcane computer user interfaces.

With the rate of crime growing at a rapid pace, making sure you are protected is more important than ever. So, what is the best way to protect your home from intruders, which may harm you, your family, or your belongings? The answer, and of course, is home security protection. The best home security system isn’t always as simple to find as it should be. While it may seem like one of the top rated systems should trump all the rest, the fact is that differences in your needs may make one system better for you than another.

Security of your home and beloved ones is always your top priority. This makes it all the more important to compare home security systems before buying a system of your choice. Before buying a security system for your home you should carry out proper research to find the most appropriate system for your home.

Choosing A Home Security System 2

Home security, though once in the realm of “professionals only”, now can be tackled by do-it-yourselfers. Obviously, there are many levels of skill among do-it-yourselfers, but just because yours may be very basic, don’t think there is nothing you can do. Even the very beginner do-it-yourselfer can take viable home security steps. As one’s skill level increases, so do the possibilities.

Current statistics from the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) shows that a burglary takes place every 15 seconds within the United States. Additional statistics indicate that a home with a security system is two to three times more likely to be burglarized.Are you looking for information on a DIY home security system that you can install in your home, and bring an unparalleled sense of safety to your family? Most people who research home security systems end up with an expensive monthly service and high installation costs that rely on remote monitoring and sometimes unreliable signals.

Camera-based home security systems are more popular today than ever before. This is due to the inexpensive prices, and the advanced technology. Hundreds of thousands of families now enjoy the benefits of feeling safe and secure in their homes because of these new security systems.What really is Residual Income? It’s income that keeps coming in, regardless of what you do, as long as the results stay in place. Some people have started to call it mailbox money.

Why Home Security Cameras Are Not Enough To Deter Criminals

Over the past few years, security cameras have become increasingly popular with residential consumers.

This is mainly due to more affordable pricing along with several beneficial security features that have been developed in recent years.

As with PCs (personal computers), video surveillance equipment has experienced significant technological advancements over the past ten years, while prices have continuously dropped.

Security cameras are being sold today at much lower prices, and due to better technology, the quality of the images that are captured by these cameras has improved significantly.

Without The Prior Implementation Of Physical & Electronic Security Measures, Many Homes Will Receive A False Sense Of Security With Just A Video Surveillance System Installed!

It is extremely important that other security measures are implemented before a video surveillance system is even considered.

Unfortunately, many people do not realize what security measures they need to implement in order to provide their home & family with the best security protection possible.

To make a home as secure as reasonably possible, it is important to understand the different levels of protection that different security measures provide.

Home Security Cameras

Why Are Security Cameras Not Enough?

It is regrettable that so many families do not fully realize this & have implemented certain security measures while ignoring some less costly but highly effective measures of protection.

It is extremely important to implement the physical security measures needed to improve the security of all entry points into your home.

Other physical security measures include ensuring the home has adequate & effective:

Outdoor Security Lighting Trimming Back Trees, Bushes & Shrubbery

Without taking these two basic steps, you could be helping to hide an intruders presence.

These physical security measures make up your first line of defense & they really should be implemented before your second line of defense (Home Alarm System) is even considered.

It is unfortunate the vast number of homeowners that invest a large sum of money in a home alarm system & totally ignore the most basic physical security measures.

While most of these homeowners are likely receiving a better feeling of security with an alarm system installed in their homes, without the implementation of the most basic physical security measures, they are experiencing a false sense of security.

History seems to be repeating itself with video surveillance systems becoming much more affordably priced. A homes occupants would certainly receive a false sense of security without the prior implementation of physical & electronic security measures.

video surveillance systems

When it comes to protecting our homes against burglary & the violent criminals that carry out home invasions, we need to implement the security measures that offer the most effective level of protection possible.

In these hard economic times, many people only have a limited amount of funds that they can use to increase the safety & security of their home & family. With only a limited amount of security dollars available, they really need to understand what security measures will provide them & their families with the highest level of protection.

Increasing the security of your home’s perimeter (all windows & exterior doors) in most cases will be one of the lowest costing security measures you can take. It is also the first security measure that any home should implement as it will provide you &your family with your strongest level of protection.

It is unfortunate that many people do not realize how important physical security measures are to the overall protection of their home. One of the main reasons for this misunderstanding is because it is not in the best interest of those who have been providing consumers with advice on home security for years to discuss the importance of physical security measures.

Consumers have been provided with advice on the best way to make their homes more secure by home security system retailers & alarm monitoring companies for many years.

Unfortunately, it is not in their best interest to inform consumers how important it is for them to first look at all physical security measures. If home security system retailers & alarm monitoring provided this education, they run the chance of losing out on some of those security dollars that they earn from the sales of their products & services.

Now that video surveillance systems have become increasingly popular with residential consumers, people can expect even more limited advice from video surveillance retailers.

It is not in their best interest to inform consumers how important it is for them to look after physical & electronic security measures prior to having a video surveillance system installed in their home.

How to make a Perfect Home Repair

Home repairs can be of two types the relatively simpler Do It Yourself (DIY) projects, while others may be fairly complicated that you will wiser be leaving it to the professionals. For a DIY project, it is essential to establish limits on how much time and money you are willing to spend before embarking on home repairs as most often DIY projects tend to fail because of cost and time overruns.

Home repairs generally constitute restoring something to normal condition, such as replacing leaky faucet washers, decongesting the drain pipes, clearing the clogged rain gutters – not to speak of overflowing toilets. If you plan to do these types of repairs yourself, then make sure to use the shutoff valve so that the water supply can be turned off while repairs are carried out.

Sometimes, it may be cost-effective to replace certain broken or damaged items than repairing them – particularly in today’s scenario when most products in the market are of ‘use and throw’ types.

You will be best advised to carry items like broken windows, domestic appliances or household furniture to a repair shop rather than attempting to repair yourself. But there are many repairs involving less expertise that you can perform easily – such as patching holes walls, cleaning stains, repairing cracked windows and their screens, or replacing a broken electrical switch etc.

Certain emergency repairs like a broken water pipe, a broken door or window, or a leaky roof or water tank, have to be done expeditiously and therefore only with professional help. A local handyman may be useful in dealing with such immediate repairs at least to arrest further damage till professional help arrives. A bulk of home repairs can be avoided if periodic home maintenance is done. This will help in a big way to avoid costly emergency repairs.

Besides, certain home maintenance like – repainting, cleaning out septic systems and replacing old and worn out washing machine hoses must be done at appropriate intervals to avoid expensive repairs later on. It certainly calls for patience and learning aptitude to repair and maintain the home in good condition but homeowners who do this say it is a satisfying experience. Home repairs may also include wallpapering, wall painting, doing wood paneling, changing carpets, laying new tiles, replacing windows etc

One of the major home repairs could be the home foundation as there are many ways the foundation of a house could get damaged. Whatever the reason, foundation repairs can cause incalculable damage if left unattended. Even if there is some vague reason to believe your home may have foundation damage, you should have it checked immediately by trained professionals.

Home Repair